Hotleaf Camouflage is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

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Hotleaf Camouflage is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

It's no secret that we love the outdoors. Conservation and reducing our carbon footprint are two values we hold close. Every Hotleaf camouflage shirt is made of 4 recycled plastic bottles and our hoodies are made from 20 plastic bottles. We are doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment and our goal is to have 100% of our inventory made from recycled materials by 2025.

Not only do we have sustainable camouflage apparel, but we also believe in comfort and quality. We use recycled polyester blend fabric to ensure the most comfortable and flattering fit.

What is a Carbon Footprint and Why Does it Matter?

Outdoor industry brands face an ethical dilemma to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products while focusing on reducing carbon emissions from their manufacturing facilities. This dilemma is not unique to the outdoor industry, and in fact, the majority of manufacturers in textiles and other products are facing the pressure of adapting a new policy to address the carbon emissions that their factories are releasing into the atmosphere.

According to the WHO, “a carbon footprint is a measure of the impact your activities have on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced through the burning of fossil fuels and is expressed as a weight of CO2 emissions produced in tons.” That means that your carbon footprint is the impact your daily activities and lifestyle is having on the atmosphere with the emission of excess carbon dioxide, i.e. carbon emissions. Excessive carbon emissions can affect the environment and cause climate change. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels — coal, natural gas, and oil — are burned (Osmanski).

What Hotleaf is Doing About it

As a small but rapidly growing company, we know the importance of doing things right the first time. We practice green habits by using paperless correspondence, use environmentally safe cleaning products for our office, "turning off the switch" and unplug electronics when not in use, and of course with our sustainable apparel made with recycled materials. 

Why it Matters

It's a small impact but we are doing our part. Team Hotleaf loves the outdoors and being immersed in nature. Have you ever gone to a public outdoor area and seen trash everywhere? It's irritating, to say the least. The philosophy "leave it better than you found it" is one that we live by- especially in our role as an apparel manufacturer in regard to the impact on the environment. It is a small step in the right direction for clothing brands and we are proud to be doing what we can. 



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