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It's no secret that we love the outdoors. Conservation and reducing our carbon footprint are two values we hold close. Every Hotleaf camouflage shirt is made of 4 recycled plastic bottles and our hoodies are made from 20 plastic bottles. We are doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment and our goal is to have 100% of our inventory made from recycled materials by 2025. Not only do we have sustainable camouflage apparel, but we also believe in comfort and quality. We use recycled polyester blend fabric to ensure the most comfortable and flattering fit. What is a Carbon Footprint and Why...

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The Issue The outdoor industry as a whole faces an ethical dilemma to produce outdoor products that are good for the outdoors. Companies and brands such as Columbia, Patagonia, REI, Inc. focus on manufacturing and selling products to consumers that enjoy the outdoors and nature and the majority whom are interested in being environmentally friendly to minimize their carbon footprint. Keeping this in mind, these brands face the ethical dilemma to produce products that are quality as well as environmentally friendly while still making as much revenue as possible. The problem that they face is that most manufacturers are overseas...

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