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Outdoor industry brands face an ethical dilemma to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products while focusing on reducing carbon emissions from their manufacturing facilities. This dilemma is not unique to the outdoor industry, and in fact, the majority of manufacturers in textiles and other products are facing the pressure of adapting a new policy to address the carbon emissions that their factories are releasing into the atmosphere. Brands across the outdoor industry such as Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) have been focusing on efforts to reduce this problem. REI is a national retail cooperative famous for its outdoor apparel and equipment...

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The Issue The outdoor industry as a whole faces an ethical dilemma to produce outdoor products that are good for the outdoors. Companies and brands such as Columbia, Patagonia, REI, Inc. focus on manufacturing and selling products to consumers that enjoy the outdoors and nature and the majority whom are interested in being environmentally friendly to minimize their carbon footprint. Keeping this in mind, these brands face the ethical dilemma to produce products that are quality as well as environmentally friendly while still making as much revenue as possible. The problem that they face is that most manufacturers are overseas...

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