The Hotleaf Sponsored Study

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The Hotleaf Sponsored Study


We’ve identified a clear opportunity to bring something new to market. In extensive discussions with leading brands across the hunting sport sector, western sector and equestrian sector, we continue to hear the same thing: camo design remains skewed towards a male audience. Yet in our own Hotleaf sponsored market study and through ongoing social media dialogue with the female audience, there is a clear demand for a print like Hotleaf that brings together science, performance and feminine aesthetic.

  • Hotleaf is proven in the field based on the latest science in deer (ungulate) vision
  • The brand is founded by a female veteran, designed exclusively for women
  • Hotleaf appeals to women who love the outdoors as much as we do


In addition to insight we’ve received from existing licensing partners in the hunting, western and fashion sectors, we sponsored a Hotleaf study that entailed in-depth interviews with thirty (30) female camo print buyers. The majority of these women are in the age bracket of 21-35 who reside across the United States, with one participant located in Canada. We found that while many wear camo apparel and accessories already, there is a clear desire in the market for a more feminine approach to design. Many of the women we surveyed expressed disappointment in how poorly camo print apparel fits a female body. Some cited the lack of darts in camo print pants, and many referenced the lack of smaller sizes for more petite frames. We learned that women layer when outdoors (warmth is perhaps more important to a female audience), and the majority of our survey respondents have a strong preference for everything to match in pattern, color palette and brand.

We learned that many women who hunt also wear camo for fashion purposes, and alternatively, many women who do not hunt buy hunting performance wear purely because they like the way it looks. We asked about the use of pink color in camo to ascertain if it was viewed as a positive or as a negative, and 100% of the respondents were in favor of it as a means to differentiate products as feminine. We received an abundance of commentary related to how camo designs are plentiful for the male audience, and limited for woman. We learned that women who hunt are often introduced to the sport via males (fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends...) and they continue to hunt with male hunters, but they express a clear desire to be recognized as a woman.

In fact, the undercurrent of our findings is that women are ready for camo products that acknowledge the differences between men and women, from color and design to fit and range (base layers, accessories, etc.). Within the first 30-days of launching a new consumer-focused website (, we had over eighty (80) subscribers with dozens of emails asking us to bring Hotleaf to market faster.

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