The Women Dedicated to Wildlife Conservation Efforts

The Women Dedicated to Wildlife Conservation Efforts

If you haven't already heard of them, check out the American Daughters of Conservation. Their mission statement is "Women dedicated to North American wildlife conservation efforts, while inspiring fellow women and young girls to expand their knowledge of the outdoor sporting world."
Why We Love Them

They are a like minded group of women who like to hunt and fish who are focused on conserving wild game habitats and educating women in all things outdoors.

The American Daughters of Conservation said, " We have come together to conserve wild game habitat and educate women and young ladies in all things outdoors. ADC is a national organization in 35 states and continuing to grow everyday. Our outdoor way of life is important to us and to our future generations. ADC is a non profit organization which means that all the proceeds go towards conservation efforts and member education."
Sounds perfect to us. Check them out here
American Daughters of Conservation. (n.d.). About Us. 
(Photo credit: American Daughters of Conservation)

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