We are Moving to Mexico!

Due to the ongoing trade war, accusations of slave labor being used to harvest the cotton in Xinjiang China, and difficulties with the Chinese government, we are moving our on-demand production of our camouflage apparel to Mexico.
The downside of this move is that the equipment from our manufacturer will be in transit to Mexico, and we won’t be able to maintain production in China during the move. The upside is that once our factory is back up and running, we’ll be able to shorten manufacturing lead times, and more importantly, we’ll be able to drive a truck across the border each day, instead of shipping goods half way around the world. We feel confident that Mexico will offer a better experience, and faster delivery times. It’s going to take a lot of work to get this factory up and running aside from just moving the equipment, so unfortunately we don’t have a set-in-stone date for reopening. We anticipate being back online around the first of July, give or take.
Effective immediately, we cannot manufacture any orders until we are set up.
We’re very sorry for the short notice. Some things with the government were out of our control. We decided it would be better to stop our on-demand production quickly, so we could start packing and shipping equipment, rather than have a longer drawn out move.
Any orders placed moving forward cannot be manufactured until the new factory is up and running. Customer service will reach out to you and cancel and refund any orders that come through until then. We are actively responding to messages and order issues.
Thank you for your understanding and flexibility and we are excited for reopening in July!


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