About Hotleaf

As the original women’s camouflage company, we’ve always been in business to inspire and connect women with nature and design.

Since 2011, our company has connected women in over 6 countries to the outdoors through innovative, one-of-a-kind camouflage.

How it all Started

“When I first started participating in outdoor sports, I noticed that there weren’t a lot of options for women’s camouflage products on the market.” Rebecca said. “I remember walking into my favorite outdoor sports store and being so excited to get my own gear and then being disappointed when there weren’t any options except a unisex cut, fit and style. As time went on, I also noticed the gender divide in the camouflage world and the stigma of women’s camo and the use of color- from both men and women. But, I also learned that this wasn’t the case for everyone, and in fact, there were many women who felt the same as me and wanted more options.” 

That’s when things started to change. 

“I bought the only option I had for camouflage that day, but I felt like an invisible potato sack in those clothes. Nothing fit me but I really wanted my own gear so I just sucked it up. Eventually, I got tired of feeling that way and I took matters into my own hands and created my own camouflage. I was tired of being an afterthought in the outdoor industry and I wanted my own camouflage apparel that I could feel confident in at the gym, in the outdoors, or lounging around with friends.” 

Hotleaf was created to bridge the gap in the industry between color and natural design and introduce the camouflage community to new ideas outside of its traditional roots. “Who says that camouflage design is strictly for hunting or military operations? Why can’t it be for whatever you want, and cool and colorful too?” Rebecca questioned. “I think by keeping a pattern ‘in a mental box’, it restricts ideas, artful design and the people wearing it and will always keep that stigma alive. My goal is to bring these designs to the outdoor sports community and other mainstream nature lovers, because that’s what Hotleaf is- creative designs that blend in and stand out. We are kind of rebels here and we definitely do not live by the rules.” 

And with that, Hotleaf was born.

Past Work

Over the past 9 years, Hotleaf has partnered with many outdoor companies and we look forward to building future relationships with others.

Hotleaf Hunting Apparel (Photo credit: Hotleaf)

 Cashel Equestrian Gear (Photo credit: Cashel)
Hotleaf Muck Boots (Photo credit: Honeywell, Inc.)